Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dr. Wolfgang E. Burhenne awarded the Harold Jefferson Coolidge Memorial Medal

The Harold Jefferson Coolidge Memorial Medal is a prestigious IUCN award that recognises outstanding contributions to the conservation of natural resources. This year, during its World Conservation Congress in Jeju, Korea, IUCN awarded this medal to Dr. Wolfgang E. Burhenne, the Executive Governor of the International Council on Environmental Law.

Dr. Wolfgang  has been directly involved in many international conventions on conservation. He was one of the 12 signatories for the establishment of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and his insight was critical in the creation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

The medal was first established in 2004.  Dr. Robert Goodland, a tropical ecologists and environmnetal advisor for the World Bank, was the first-ever recipient in 2008 at the IUCN's World Conservation Congress in Barcelona.

"Dr. Burhenne has also provided inspiration and encouragement to many individuals throughout his career who have gone on to become leading figures in the field of environmental law." - IUCN

On the same day, Sir. David Attenborough was honoured with the Dr. John C. Phillips Memorial Award, and 11 Honorary Membership of IUCN were also awarded:
• Dr Abdulaziz Abuzinada, Saudi Arabia
• Ms Angela Cropper, Trinidad and Tobago
• Dr Aila Keto, Australia
• His Excellency, The State President, Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama, Botswana
• Mr Veit Koester, Denmark
• Dr Russell Mittermeier, USA
• Dr Ian Player, South Africa• Professor Nicholas Robinson, USA
• Dr Marina Silva, Brazil
• Mr Achim Steiner, Germany
• Professor Randolph Robert Thaman, Fiji

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