Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sir. David Attenborough awarded the Dr. John C. Phillips Memorial Medal

The IUCN World Conservation Congress is being held in Jeju, Korea from 6th until the 15th of September.  Today (the 11th) the congress honoured Sir. David Attenborough with the Dr. John C. Phillips Memorial Medal. This medal is considered the IUCN's highest conservation award, with a list of lustrous fellow recipients such as Professor Edward O. Wilson. 

Sr. David Attenborough's contributions to international conservation are known across the globe. Perhaps they are better reflected in science classrooms and lecture rooms at universities where most students will name that the BBC broadcaster as one of the main reasons they want to pursue career in natural sciences.

This memorial medal will join several other prestigious awards that Sir. David has been collecting over the last 50 years

"Sir David has reached the masses with his captivating programmes on natural history (...) inspiring generations to protect and conserve our planet." 

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