Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On site: Sea Lion

10th April 2009, I set foot in the glorious Galapagos Islands. An incredible place, peaceful and unique and a dream come true to every nature lovers and photographer. Having the opportunity to wonder around and observe, capture and admire great specimens such as the Sea lions (shown below), Iguanas and Albatrosses is certainly worth every penny spent. It is not always that one find somewhere where the wild can be shot in the wild, without bars or barriers or glass windows. There is no separation between me and the rest of the world, all that exists is a mutual respect and appreciation for each other. What more could one ask for?
Sea Lion, Galapagos Islands April 2009 by Laura Nunes

Tourism is thought to be one of the several detrimental activities which threaten this unique biome, however if one is careful and conscious of his impact on the ecosystem, then tourists are the major drivers that raise awareness towards this endangered, special habitat.
Help save a unique site of speciation, diversity and biological endurance which inspired so many scientists and other nature lovers in such a number of areas such as literature and art.

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