Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On Site: On the move

So there is nothing more frustrating than trying to freeze an animal in a frame and fail. All that blurriness makes the majestic scenery that was witness look like nothing more than just a bad photo. However that might not always be the case, and sense of movement can add something quite special to an otherwise "lost frame".
I am not saying that these two examples are any good, maybe I was just trying not to put these two photos in the back room, seeing that I enjoyed capturing them so much.
Both were during my travels through the Black Forest in Germany this summer and in Triberg, where an immense waterfall was surrounded by flourishing dense forest, these two species could be easily seen, delighting any passing tourist and photographer :D

Spotted Nutcracker (Nucifraga caryocatactes) By Laura Nunes
Triberg, Black Forest, Germany August 2010

The Black Forest houses a lot of interesting biodiversity and thus should be handled with care and is well worth a visit.

Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)
Triberg, Black Forest, Germany August 2010

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