Sunday, March 27, 2011

On Site: Ducks in Schiltach

Schiltach is considered by many as the most beautiful town in the Black Forest, Germanyand surely all of those people cannot be all wrong.The town is cute indeed, the building are colourful and well-preserved and it has avery 'homey' atmosphere. But enough about the town, this post is about the ducks :) These ducks were photographed in the water canal that passed by the car park. Spending some time observing the group and some interesting behaviours can be seen and photographed.
Some are more restless than others, but all of them provide a great deal of entertainment and great photo opportunities!
Spent, perhaps too much time, feeding and looking at these individuals and with my camera in hand, I managed to get an interesting collection, from moving to static, young and "old".
Schiltach is worth a lot of frames but the nature around it is also equally worth a (many) shot(s)

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