Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ground-breaking research in the Amazon River

Researchers are listening to fish sounds in the Amazon river.
This emerging technique in marine and aquatic ecology may be useful in the monitoring of sound-emitting fish populations, their dispersal trends in space and time and also their activity patterns.
It can also be used for studies in courtship behaviour and spawning, allowing the detection and conservation of critical habitat sites.
Furthermore, studies on noise pollution can also be conducted, thus providing a bigger understanding into the anthropogenic noise and its interference in the fishe's behaviour and ecology.

Operation Wallacea is supporting a ground-breaking research initiative in the Peruvian Amazon, in order to document the aquatic sounds of the Amazon River. Lack of data on the aquatic sound database is one of the biggest limitations of this research field, therefore Operation Wallacea's involvement will undoubtedly contribute enormously to this area of research and consequently to our increasing understanding on fish behaviour, ecology and conservation.

It is expected that the sounds recorded during the Peru expeditions this summer will be new to science!

CUBE is going to take part in this research initiative, please support this cause!

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