Saturday, September 5, 2009

Vulture Awareness Day

Today the world celebrates vultures.

Usually seen as weird, ugly birds that feed on the carcasses of dead bodies, it is possible to say that these creatures are not very popular around the world.

However, these birds are quite important to our environment. First of all, they keep the environment clean as they eat dead animals as well as control the spread of diseases that originates from organisms that live on those carcasses.

Hence, it is important to save these creatures as they are under great threat mainly due to the use of "Diclofenac Sodium” drug in livestock which then accumulates in the kidneys of vultures.

This celebration is mainly aimed at Pakistan where 8 species of vultures can be found (8 of the 9 species found in South Asia). Pakistan has witnessed a major declined in
two of those species called White-backed Vulture and the Long-billed Vulture. These species have declined to about 95 % and are currently listed as "Critically Endangered".

At this point only conservation efforts can keep these species from going extinct and therefore, in order to help fight against their extinction, today CUBE is raising awareness about these important day and these equally important animals!

more information on vultures: wikipedia

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